Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles

wheelchair van, wheelchair accessible vehicle, ramp van, commercial wheelchairVan conversions, wheelchair accessible vehicles are the optimal vehicle for granting freedom and independence to both drivers and passengers. Unlike smaller sedans, vans can fit your entire family. Vans also have better gas mileage than most SUV’s, and their lower ground clearance makes it easier to ingress and egress for both driver and passenger. Ramps are easier to install on vans, and sliding glass doors (a van’s most notable feature) allow wide room for individuals in wheelchairs.

In Motion Mobility converts popular minivans like Dodge, Chrysler, and Toyota into wheelchair accessible vehicles. Our wheelchair van conversions and paratransit vans refer to vehicles that have been modified to include a means of wheelchair access. Our accessibility vehicles come with ramps, lifts, additional headroom, and other accommodations. They can also be customized depending on the driver’s unique medical condition.

We offer a fleet of wheelchair accessible vehicles which include minivans and commercial conversion vans. Models like Ford, GM and Mercedes-Benz are built on a full-size chassis in order to transport larger parties. These van conversions are used by commercial organizations like nursing homes, group homes and companies hired to transport people under their care.

Quality Wheelchair and Commercial Van Conversions

In Motion Mobility specializes in your independence. We offer a large selection of pre-made minivans and van conversions, complete with assistive driving equipment and/or non-driver devices. Our technicians can turn most vehicles into wheelchair accessible vehicles. For over 30 years we have delivered high-quality mobility solutions for clients in South Florida. Our clients are individuals with ambulatory difficulties, physical limitations, or persons undergoing rehabilitation.

Your disability shouldn’t stop you from enjoying the freedom of the open road. Whether you are commandeering your own vehicle or riding passenger in one, our vehicles and vehicle rentals help individuals have a safe and reliable method of transportation. Our wheelchair vans eliminate the strain of wheelchair transfers and have room for the whole family. In Motion Mobility’s van conversions make the perfect wheelchair accessible vehicles, and we stand by the quality of our products.

In Motion Mobility’s commercial vehicle service program also performs maintenance on wheelchair accessible vehicles. We have the resources and expertise needed to keep your equipment running safely and reliably, inspecting lifts and ramp systems and correcting any wear. Come to In Motion Mobility to buy, rent or service your mobility vehicle.