Hand Controls

Mobility Products & Design has designed and refined custom ergonomic car hand controls that help people with limited mobility to continue to drive independently. You can expect nothing but the highest quality car hand controls from MPD with intuitive designs. Their advanced car hand controls allow access to the gas pedal and brake pedal without using legs. The controls combine function and form as well with beautiful designs and finished surfaces that won’t look out of place inside your vehicle. MPD car hand controls can be adapted to fit most cars, trucks, SUVs, and vans with flexibility that allows for easy operation.


Rock to Accelerate

The push/rock hand control allows easy operation of the brake and gas pedal by pushing for braking and rocking back for acceleration.. This hand control is removable for additional safety as it prevents other drivers from inadvertently engaging it.

Pull to Accelerate

The push/pull is unique in the fact that it requires a different motion for braking and acceleration so that both cannot be engaged at the same time. The push/pull hand control is easily adjustable to allow for different settings. It is a very safe and intuitive for vehicles.

Turn to Accelerate

The push to brake, turn to accelerate is a classic hand control that is very popular and offers easy operation. The push/turn hand control allows drivers to adjust the seat for increased comfort and accessibility.

Pull to Accelerate

There compact push/pull hand cantrol offers a slim design that provides an easier fit into compact and subcompact vehicles.