VICki: Redefining the Driving Experience!

joystick driving, wheelchair van, paravan, sprinter

Meet VICki, the driving companion that’s transforming the way we interact with our vehicles. With cutting-edge technology and innovative capabilities, VICki is revolutionizing the driving experience like never before. VICki puts you in the driver’s seat of convenience when it comes to commanding secondary controls. Through advanced voice recognition technology or touch control, you can effortlessly command secondary vehicle functions with simple commands. Adjusting the A/C controls, activating lights, operating turn signals, or even activating cruise control is just a command away.
Experience the next level of automotive convenience with VICki’s advanced over-the-air connectivity, allowing for hassle-free service, timely troubleshooting, and seamless software updates. VICki’s remote service capabilities allow for diagnostics and repairs to be conducted remotely, saving time, and minimizing disruptions to your driving routine. VICki’s over-the-air connectivity ensures that your vehicle receives software updates and new features automatically, keeping your driving experience fresh and exciting.
joystick driving, wheelchair van, paravan, sprinter

VICki is designed with all drivers in mind, empowering everyone to take complete control of the open roads.  From accessible controls to user-friendly interfaces, VICki promotes inclusivity and empowers individuals with limited mobility or specialized driving needs. No matter your abilities, VICki ensures that you can experience the freedom and independence of driving.
VICki redefines the driving experience, offering convenience, safety, and connectivity like never before. Embrace the future of driving and unlock a whole new level of driving pleasure with VICki by your side.
Are you ready to revolutionize your time on the road with VICki?