Keep Your Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle Running Smooth


Automobile costs tend to pile up quickly, especially when an unexpected repair comes up, with wheelchair accessible vehicles these unexpected repairs may create a larger financial burden. To help save on the costs of repairs and potential rental costs, In Motion Mobility has assembled 4 simple checks you can do to help keep your wheelchair accessible vehicle running smoothly until your six month wheelchair vehicle service.

  1. Door Tracks and Door Jams-Whether you drive a minivan with a ramp conversion, a full size van with a lift, or a ramp or lift style SUV, you have wiring and moving parts in the door track or jams. To help ensure proper functioning of the door system use a vacuum or a small broom to gently clear out any debris that has gathered. Even a bit of dirt or small rocks can cause the door to not work and the ramp or lift may not deploy properly. Take care to not pull on the wiring while cleaning out this area.
  2. Tiedown Systems-Make sure where the wheelchair is securing within the vehicle that the tracks or power tie down system are clean and clear of debris. A vacuum will remove most dirt and small rocks with ease. If you have a power tie down system, take a flashlight and look underneath the casing, remove any pens, garbage, or rocks that have found their way underneath. For manual belt systems, make sure all ratchets belts are straight and tightening properly.
  3. Hand Pendants and Key Fobs-With a lift a wired hand pendant controls the operation of the lift, check the wire, and make sure there are no major kinks or exposed wires on the cord. Once this is done run the lift to make sure all of the buttons are working properly. Keep an eye out for buttons that seem to stick, or do not activate when they are pressed, or are loose. For mobility equipment that operates with a key fob run the conversion and make sure none of the buttons are loose. If the key fob is not causing the conversion to run smoothly the battery may be getting weak or a connection may be broken.
  4. Proper Operation-Having cleaned up a few areas and inspected the equipment to make sure there are no glaring issues, we will now want to make sure the mobility equipment as a whole is working well. From outside the vehicle run the conversion listen for any grinding or popping noises and look for the kneeling system to activate (if one is present). With a ramp or lift they should come out smoothly and not swing out quickly or need assistance to fold down.

These simple tips will help keep your mobility vehicle operating smoothly between biannual mobility maintenance inspections. We at In Motion Mobility are happy to provide excellent sales and service for mobility vehicles and equipment to the Fort Lauderdale, Miami, and the rest of South Florida. Any high end, electronic equipment, or mobility devices that operate the gas, brake, or steering of a vehicle should always be inspected by a trained and certified service technician.