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ElDorado Mobility has been a major part of the mobility industry for well over 30 years providing bus, commercial minivans and paratransit solutions. Being part of the REV Group, a $2+ billion manufacturer of specialty vehicles, ElDorado Mobility offers competitive financing, as well as one of the most dependable parts and service programs. In addition to producing 75% of all ambulances in the US, REV Group produces 26 vehicle brands like fire trucks, buses, RV’s, mobility vans or paratransit vehicles. “REV owns, employs more than 6,000 people in 16 different plants in the U.S. and produces more than 20,000 specialty vehicles annually.”

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At In Motion Mobility we are proud to offer all of the Amerivan Wheelchair Accessible conversions. The following is a short list of features that make the Amerivan standout against the competition.

ElDorado Mobility Advantages

The widest foldout ramp: With 31” of usable ramp, the ElDorado Amerivan features the industry’s widest side-door foldout ramp, making it easy to maneuver your wheelchair in and out of the van. Plus, you won’t find a lighter or stronger ramp. We use aircraft-grade aluminum for a 750-lb. rating.

ElDorado Mobility, wheelchair van, ramp van, accessible van, mobility van

ElDorado’s wheelchair accessible vans feature one of the industry’s fully stainless-steel floor with a 7-year/70,000-mile no-rust-through warranty. More rigid than galvanized steel, this lowered-floor design provides unmatched durability.

ElDorado Mobility, wheelchair van, ramp van, accessible van, mobility van

Born from commercial, ElDorado specialty vehicles are designed to perform in the most demanding and rigorous conditions and this model have been applied to the construction and design of the Amerivan conversion.

Integrated kneeling system: ElDorado Mobility offers the industry’s only standard automatic load-leveling air-ride suspension on Amerivan’s side-door entry retail models.

Service and Warranty
Every one of our clients is important to our Customer Care Team. With ElDorado’s exceptional Customer Service and Dealer Network (Including In Motion Mobility), we’ve got you covered wherever you go. All ElDorado Mobility Vans include a 7 year, 70,000-mile warranty on its stainless-steel floor, the only one of its kind. All other Amerivan components are covered with a 3-year, 36,000-mile warranty from date of purchase. They also offer 24/7 Emergency Roadside Support (Jump start, Out of gas/Fuel delivery, Tire & Lockout service, Towing) via their toll-free number, 1-800-521-2779. All US & Canada ElDorado Mobility new Chrysler & Dodge owners are covered for 5 years or 100,000 miles by the 24/7 Roadside Assistance. For the full warranty disclaimer, click here.

If you’d like to schedule a demo, place an order (pre-order the new Chrysler Pacifica) or stop by and see one of these vans in-person, please call In Motion Mobility at 786-534-2046

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Happy Holidays from In Motion Mobility

Happy Holidays from In Motion Mobility.

Wishing you all Happy Holidays. Our team at In Motion Mobility appreciate your support and patronage. Let’s make 2017 another terrific year.







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Accessible Sprinter Van

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In Motion Mobility is proud be the only dealer in the nation to offer the most versatile Wheelchair Accessible Sprinter Van. Our years of excellent customer service and expansive technical knowledge facilitate us to provide many options for wheelchair drivers and passengers. For wheelchair drivers we offer our signature lowered floor in both the driver’s and front passenger’s positions plus everything from hand controls, 6-way seats, OEM approved power sliding door with remote, and electronic driving controls provided by Paravan. Mercedes Benz Sprinter is the best choice for a full size wheelchair van.


If you don’t already know, it’s the safest, most advanced full size van that’s available for consumers. Many of the Mercedes-Benz safety features are already built right in. The Sprinter’s built-in Electronic Stability Program (ESP) can have safety features like Crosswind Assist, Blind Spot Monitor, Brake Assist, and Lane Keeping Assist to help you keep control and stay aware of surrounding traffic on your travels down the road. Starting in 2015 Mercedes Benz started offering a 4 x 4 version of the Sprinter which can also be modified for a wheelchair driver (only by In Motion Mobility).  Other features include Daytime Running Lamps, Driver and Passenger Airbags, Anti-lock Brakes (ABS), Keyless Entry (Remote Unlock & Lock), and much more.

With the largest door openings and roof heights of any full size van on the market, the Accessible Sprinter Van can accommodate even the tallest of wheelchair users. This practically eliminates the need for a lowered floor wheelchair van for most users. Here are a few specs:

A Sprinter with the standard roof has a side door opening height of 59.8 inches and width of 51.2 inches. The rear door opening height of 60.6 inches and width of 61.6 inches.

mercedes benz sprinter handicap van, wheelchair accessible sprinter van, mercedes sprinter with wheelchair lift

Raise the roof to either of the two High Roof Sprinter vans and the side door height jumps to 71.7 inches with a width of 51.2 inches. The rear door opening height also increases to 72.4 inches and width opening 61.6 inches.

I’m sure you’re already wondering, with all the extra height, how’s the visibility through the windows? Well, let me tell you, It’s Amazing. Many of our clients who sit in a Accessible Sprinter Van for the first time revel at the fact that they can finally see out of the windows while still seated in their wheelchairs.

With these ample dimensions, In Motion Mobility can offer a variety of configurations for your mobility equipment needs. Lifts can be installed in the rear doors as well as in the side doors (most popular). We also have a variety of lifts available, platform lifts that are installed inside the rear or side doors (most popular) or our Signature Cassette Lift (Paravan) that is installed underneath the floor on the side door.

Speaking of the side door, we install an OEM approved power door operator which uses the factory key fob to operate. Versatile seating options make the Sprinter a great choice for families and travelling. It can be configured for as many as 9 passengers + 1 wheelchair or as few as 2 passengers with 2-3 wheelchairs.

At In Motion Mobility we have built a variety of mobility or wheelchair accessible Sprinters, both commercial and consumer. With a variety of van body styles, from a standard roof 144” wheelbase to an extra-long high roof 170” wheelbase. You can start with a basic cargo van and have the interior fully customized or choose a well-equipped van from your local Mercedes Benz Sprinter dealer. If you’re interested in driving from your wheelchair, ask about our signature lowered floor driver’s or passenger’s position conversion. We would be more than happy to show you a demo. We look forward to getting you back on the road to independence with a full size wheelchair van.

wheelchair accessible sprinter

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Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles

wheelchair van, wheelchair accessible vehicle, ramp van, commercial wheelchairVan conversions, wheelchair accessible vehicles are the optimal vehicle for granting freedom and independence to both drivers and passengers. Unlike smaller sedans, vans can fit your entire family. Vans also have better gas mileage than most SUV’s, and their lower ground clearance makes it easier to ingress and egress for both driver and passenger. Ramps are easier to install on vans, and sliding glass doors (a van’s most notable feature) allow wide room for individuals in wheelchairs.

In Motion Mobility converts popular minivans like Dodge, Chrysler, and Toyota into wheelchair accessible vehicles. Our wheelchair van conversions and paratransit vans refer to vehicles that have been modified to include a means of wheelchair access. Our accessibility vehicles come with ramps, lifts, additional headroom, and other accommodations. They can also be customized depending on the driver’s unique medical condition.

We offer a fleet of wheelchair accessible vehicles which include minivans and commercial conversion vans. Models like Ford, GM and Mercedes-Benz are built on a full-size chassis in order to transport larger parties. These van conversions are used by commercial organizations like nursing homes, group homes and companies hired to transport people under their care.

Quality Wheelchair and Commercial Van Conversions

In Motion Mobility specializes in your independence. We offer a large selection of pre-made minivans and van conversions, complete with assistive driving equipment and/or non-driver devices. Our technicians can turn most vehicles into wheelchair accessible vehicles. For over 30 years we have delivered high-quality mobility solutions for clients in South Florida. Our clients are individuals with ambulatory difficulties, physical limitations, or persons undergoing rehabilitation.

Your disability shouldn’t stop you from enjoying the freedom of the open road. Whether you are commandeering your own vehicle or riding passenger in one, our vehicles and vehicle rentals help individuals have a safe and reliable method of transportation. Our wheelchair vans eliminate the strain of wheelchair transfers and have room for the whole family. In Motion Mobility’s van conversions make the perfect wheelchair accessible vehicles, and we stand by the quality of our products.

In Motion Mobility’s commercial vehicle service program also performs maintenance on wheelchair accessible vehicles. We have the resources and expertise needed to keep your equipment running safely and reliably, inspecting lifts and ramp systems and correcting any wear. Come to In Motion Mobility to buy, rent or service your mobility vehicle.

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Wheelchair Accessible Van Rentals in Miami

wheelchair van rental, accessible van rentalWheelchair accessible van rentals have never been easier for South Florida visitors thanks to In Motion Mobility. Our company has a large fleet of vehicles, conveniently located by Miami International Airport and Fort Lauderdale Airport, ready to pick you up at a moment’s notice. Looking for a rental wheelchair van in Miami? We service handicapped drivers with easy to operate, hand controlled, full sized wheelchair vans and minivan conversions.

In Motion Mobility believes that your disability should not limit you from enjoying the tropical activities that Florida has to offer. Everyone deserves mobility and independence, and for over 30 years, our staff has helped thousands of individuals make the most of their vacations and family trips. Our fleet of wheelchair accessible van rentals service travelers in Miami, Ft. Lauderdale and the Florida Keys.

If you’re looking to enjoy your vacation, go to an appointment, or ensure you have a backup while your vehicle is in the shop, In Motion Mobility has the fleet to get you there. Choose from different vehicles in our high-quality fleet. Honda, Dodge, Ford, Mercedes-Benz, GM and Toyota are just some of the vans in our lineup. We use late model vehicles that are family friendly, fuel efficient, and easy to operate.

Wheelchair Van Rentals In Miami

Our van rentals in Miami are designed to get you to your destination safely and reliably. Whether you need a vehicle for a weekend or a month, we can provide minivans with lowered floors, raised headroom, power doors and power ramps. Hand controls and drive-by-wire systems are available upon request for drivers that wish to feel the wind in their hair.

In Motion Mobility’s wheelchair accessible van rentals make it easy to transport a relative or loved one in a wheelchair. With the push of a button, a low angle ramp allows slides out, allowing a handicapped person access inside the vehicle. Similarly, a lift mechanism can be used to move passengers or a driver into the van. Tie-downs hold the wheelchair in place while the vehicle is moving. Ample indoor space means the whole family can fit in! We also have a variety of wheelchair vans for sale.

In Motion Mobility is committed to making the world a more accessible place. Call us at 786-534-2046 to place your order today.


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Mid Summer Sale!!!

These are some of the vans we currently in our local office, please be advised that we also have an extensive inventory of new vehicles at our conversion facility. 

CURRENT SALE OF NEW 2015 Dodge Caravan SE w/ OEM Back-Up Camera in White: $48,524 less  rebates at the time of sale.  


$1500 Base Rebate

$1000 Owner Loyalty *must qualify

$1000 Mobility


 2015 CHRYSLER TOWN & COUNTRY $51,900.00
















26k MILES.  2014 DODGE GRAND CARAVAN $36,000.00









2010 DODGE GRAND CARAVAN $34,000.00











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Mercedes-Benz Sprinter Mobility Conversion

 Mercedes-Benz Sprinter Mobility Conversion by In Motion Mobility

Before the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter Mobility Conversion; the full-sized vans like Ford Econoline, Chevrolet Express and GMC Savanna, were the vehicle of choice for people with physical disabilities who needed the convenience of extra space offered by this line of vehicles.


Unfortunately the production of these vans has been discontinued but new models like Ford Transit, Dodge Pro-Master, have replaced them.


Enter a new contender in the full size van market:

With the most comfortable and spacious cabin, Wide array of available mobility products such as OEM approved power sliding door system and electronic driving controls.

Originally introduced in Europe, the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter is the most suitable full size van for wheelchair accessibility conversion.

 Sprinter wheelchair Driver, mobility sprinter, wheelchair sprinter, wheelchair van, ramp van, lowered floor sprinter

Mercedes-Benz Sprinter Mobility Conversion offers unparalleled standard and luxury features available as well as innovative safety technology including: Collision Prevention Assist, Blind Spot Assist, High beam Assist, Lane Keeping Assist, Brake Assist Pro and Adaptive Brake Assist which further improves accident avoidance ability.

The Sprinter is a showpiece of innovative technology. From bumper to bumper, the engine to the windows, virtually every innovation in the new Sprinter relates to the overall ride quality and safety of the vehicle.


Sprinter wheelchair Driver, mobility sprinter, wheelchair sprinter, wheelchair van, ramp van, lowered floor sprinter
The Sprinter is highly customizable and offers a wide range of up-fitting options including a vast selection of after-market products.  While the passenger/cargo area offers a very convenient and accessible space, driver and front passenger wheelchair access is a challenge.  In Motion Mobility has developed and mastered a proven process to provide this accommodation.
At In Motion Mobility in Miami, with our unique experience and expertise, we are able to offer Sprinter conversions with innovative products that include:

  • Electronic drive-by-wire systems.
  • A variety of wheelchair lifts.
  • Front lowered floor for wheelchair driver or front passenger.
  • Mercedes-Benz approved power sliding door that can be operated with the factory key fob. It retains the latching and locking system and it reverses direction if it encounters an obstruction.
  • A variety of seating configuration for optimal enjoyment and use of space.
Sprinter wheelchair Driver, mobility sprinter, wheelchair sprinter, wheelchair van, ramp van, lowered floor sprinter

In Motion Mobility is excited to have this opportunity collaborate with our local Mercedes-Benz dealers in order to provide our clients the best possible mobility experience.

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