Electronic Driving Systems


Electronic Driving Systems

With advances in technology, the disabled driver has a wide range of driving options to be fully independent. With proper training and evaluation of an individual’s limitations and abilities, there are a variety of technologies available for the disabled driver such as hand controls and electronic driving systems also known as “drive by wire” systems. These innovative operating systems allow individuals with significant physical limitations to operate both primary and secondary functions of a vehicle. Currently, automotive, engineering and computerized industries are racing to develop such technologies as autonomous driving vehicles. Many of the current technologies being used for autonomous driving innovation were adapted from technologies developed for electronic driving systems for the disabled driver!

With over 30 years of experience in the mobility industry, In Motion Mobility is the leading mobility assistive device company for electronic driving technologies for disabled drivers.

Paravan’s Drive By Wire System

Space Drive is a system that is unrivaled in the world – a real breakthrough. It allows persons with low residual strength, a large girth, minimum movement capabilities and even those without limbs to safely drive a car. With Space Drive, you activate the brake, accelerator, and steering wheel using driving aids controlled by microprocessors. These transmit the signals in nanoseconds to a servo motor for the brake and accelerator and another for the steering (“Drive by wire” or “Steer by wire”). We configure the single modules individually. We readjust the software and hardware on-site if your clinical picture changes. The system is certified according ISO 26262 ASIL D and manufactured according to the world-wide highest quality level: IPC-A-600 class 3.

Paravan Touch & Touch Display is an innovative operating concept developed by Paravan that allows individuals with significant physical limitations to operate secondary functions of a vehicle. The system includes a 7-inch touchscreen display and is also available as a mobile app for all iOS and Android terminals (iPad, iPhone etc.), giving you access to your vehicle anywhere from your mobile devices.

Features and benefits:

  • All secondary functions can be operated (e.g. indicators, gear selection, electric windows, wiper operation, high beam, horn, door opening, cassette lift , engine control and much more)
  • Up to 100 customizable commands possible
  • Fast execution of the entered command
  • Compatible with iOS and Android terminals. Also suitable for smart watches.
  • Parallel use on touch display and mobile terminals possible
  • Compatible with Paravan Voice Control

The PARAVAN Voice Control

Experience the already proverbial “driving pleasure” with the new, revolutionary little helper, the PARAVAN Voice Control. It fits perfectly into the interaction between the existing PARAVAN components. Get one now and let your voice do its magic

  • Innovation and technology made by PARAVAN
  • All secondary functions can be operated (e.g. gear change, electric windows, wiper function, full beam headlights, horn, door opening and much more)
  • Up to 500 individually adaptable commands possible
  • Available for many vehicle types
  • Fast execution of the spoken command
  • Available in different languages
  • Insensitive to interfering noises
  • Feedback with the help of LEDs in the driver’s
  • Intelligent radio muting
  • 3 digital outputs, 1 CAN interface, supply)
  • Temperature range: -40°C – 85°C
  • Fast system start: ~3s
  • Can be used with all Electret microphones

New hand control technology features electronic accelerator which requires less moving parts allowing cleaner installations.

Additional benefits include less effort required to operate the accelerator, activating the hand controls deactivates the vehicle throttle pedal and vice versa making it safer for all the vehicles users

Also, please include this statement on the electronic systems page with a picture of the 3-d printer: At In Motion Mobility we offer 3D printing to provide the most solutions for technical challenges.

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Keep Your Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle Running Smooth


Automobile costs tend to pile up quickly, especially when an unexpected repair comes up, with wheelchair accessible vehicles these unexpected repairs may create a larger financial burden. To help save on the costs of repairs and potential rental costs, In Motion Mobility has assembled 4 simple checks you can do to help keep your wheelchair accessible vehicle running smoothly until your six month wheelchair vehicle service.

  1. Door Tracks and Door Jams-Whether you drive a minivan with a ramp conversion, a full size van with a lift, or a ramp or lift style SUV, you have wiring and moving parts in the door track or jams. To help ensure proper functioning of the door system use a vacuum or a small broom to gently clear out any debris that has gathered. Even a bit of dirt or small rocks can cause the door to not work and the ramp or lift may not deploy properly. Take care to not pull on the wiring while cleaning out this area.
  2. Tiedown Systems-Make sure where the wheelchair is securing within the vehicle that the tracks or power tie down system are clean and clear of debris. A vacuum will remove most dirt and small rocks with ease. If you have a power tie down system, take a flashlight and look underneath the casing, remove any pens, garbage, or rocks that have found their way underneath. For manual belt systems, make sure all ratchets belts are straight and tightening properly.
  3. Hand Pendants and Key Fobs-With a lift a wired hand pendant controls the operation of the lift, check the wire, and make sure there are no major kinks or exposed wires on the cord. Once this is done run the lift to make sure all of the buttons are working properly. Keep an eye out for buttons that seem to stick, or do not activate when they are pressed, or are loose. For mobility equipment that operates with a key fob run the conversion and make sure none of the buttons are loose. If the key fob is not causing the conversion to run smoothly the battery may be getting weak or a connection may be broken.
  4. Proper Operation-Having cleaned up a few areas and inspected the equipment to make sure there are no glaring issues, we will now want to make sure the mobility equipment as a whole is working well. From outside the vehicle run the conversion listen for any grinding or popping noises and look for the kneeling system to activate (if one is present). With a ramp or lift they should come out smoothly and not swing out quickly or need assistance to fold down.

These simple tips will help keep your mobility vehicle operating smoothly between biannual mobility maintenance inspections. We at In Motion Mobility are happy to provide excellent sales and service for mobility vehicles and equipment to the Fort Lauderdale, Miami, and the rest of South Florida. Any high end, electronic equipment, or mobility devices that operate the gas, brake, or steering of a vehicle should always be inspected by a trained and certified service technician.

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Find the Wheelchair Van thats right for you



The list of reasons one would be looking at purchasing an wheelchair accessible vehicle are endless. Regardless of why someone is seeking an accessible vehicle the process can be overwhelming. From sticker shock, the variety of options for accessibility, and the vehicle options tends to lead to information overload. Here at In Motion Mobility in Southern, Florida, we have assembled a few tips to help you narrow the field before you head out the look for the perfect wheelchair accessible vehicle.

  1. Measurements — there is an accessible vehicle that will work for all shapes, sizes, and needs!
    • Bring the mobility device that will be most commonly used, if you are able. If you are unable to bring the mobility device you will want to measure the widest point of the device, this tends to be the wheelbase, to find this measurement measure from the outside of one side of the wheel to the other laying the tape measure on the ground.
    • You will also want to bring the height of the individual while they are using their device, measure from the ground to the top of their head. These two measurements will help ensure that the wheelchair accessible van works best for you.
  2. Wheelchair Lift or Wheelchair Ramp — both will get one into a vehicle.
    • Wheelchair Lifts tend to be in full size vans and the wheelchair user rides on the platform into the vehicle. This style of conversion can be utilized by a variety of people, but are commonly used for multiple passenger applications, transportation companies, and for wide or heavy wheelchairs. Wheelchair lift vans can come in both rear entry and side entry applications, and on a variety of vehicles such as the Dodge Promaster, Sprinter Vans, or the Ford Transit.
    • Wheelchair ramp vans are most common for private party use and independent users, many wheelchair conversions allow both the driver and passenger seat to be removed which increases flexibility for families with multiple drivers. Wheelchair ramp vans also come in rear entry or side entry and manual ramps or power ramps  depending on the mobility vehicle you are looking at.
  3. Manual Ramps or Power Ramps — you’ve got the power to choose!
    • Manual wheelchair conversions can come in rear entry or side entry depending on the vehicle you are looking at. These conversions are an easier option if there are multiple people operating the conversion. They can take a little longer to load and unload wheelchair users, and they do not work well for most independent wheelchair users.
    • Power wheelchair conversions tend to run with the touch of a button and allow for quick hands free access. This style of ramp conversion does require a bit more maintenance at a mobility dealer as they do have more electronic components. They do allow for very quick access which can be an added benefit for poor weather conditions.
  4. Rear or Side Entry Ramp Vans
    • Rear entry ramp vans tend to have the widest ramp and interior width as well as the most height available for the wheelchair user. These vehicles work well for families with children or for an individual who wants a simple in and out with no maneuvering of the wheelchair. Rear entry ramp vans are less common for independent users as they do not allow the individual to drive from their wheelchair and transfer seats are a rare option.
    • Side entry ramp vans come in a few widths and heights for door openings, these sizes depend on the mobility and vehicle manufacturer. Side entry ramps allow for the most versatility for independent wheelchair users, families, and companies. With most side entry ramp vans both the driver and passenger seats are removable to allow for a wheelchair user to drive directly from their chair or for households to share driving duties. They also allow for a great deal of flexibility in the number of passengers the vehicle can carry, depending on one’s needs.

In Motion Mobility is here to help find fantastic mobility solutions, no matter what wheelchair accessible vehicle or equipment you are searching for. We’re happy to provide excellent sales and service for mobility vehicles and equipment to the Fort Lauderdale, Miami, and the rest of South Florida.  


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